The End of Kings, The "Me" Generation is on its way out

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Pluto’s Sign Describes the Angst of an Era; The Zeitgeist. Plutonic Eras. Check the dates to see your era. Most of the men in power now are from the “Me Generation”.  We were the kids who were raised by the controlling “Protection Generation.” We rebelled. We demanded our freedom. We knew we were special. As […]

Archetypal Pisces #12

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Frank Zappa In Astrology, the signature is more important than any one aspect. When you find repeating symbols, pay attention. Use the Numerical Astrological system originally designed by Zipporah Dobbins. That way you can say the person is a number from 1-12. Use house, sign and planets. Neptune is the container for all things, ergo […]

The Moon's Nodes in Astrology

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  I am “node-ish”. My scientific peers, please don’t cringe when I say it, but I rectify charts by node, mars and moon. If I hear the person’s story, it will ring true to me, being an empath by trade (moon/nep/sn/4th), I “get it” when “it” presents itself. The nodes are like that. They say […]