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Did you say tantra? I just had to say, oh boy! I want a heart connection with sex and tantric is the only way to get it. Right? I had experience in New Mexico 20 years ago. It was great we had tantric ice cream, and tantric shampoo, it was all over the house and […]

Earth and Fire

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It seems that we humuns are still lost in a gender wilderness where the dark is feared as a primordial vagina with teeth. In the spirit of that dichotomy I have an offering. Let’s talk about paradigm. A Paradigm, or belief system, is your world view. Many of us lead entire lives with one world view. Well, […]

Know Thyself

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“One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.” —Leonardo Da Vinci  La Scapigliata means “the one with messy hair.” Leonardo was the first artist to show a woman in a wild state instead of the usual formal portrait attire, who would know better how do a woman’s hair than a brilliant […]