What is an Archetype?

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Etymology (From Wikipedia) The word archetype, “original pattern from which copies are made”, first entered into English usage in the 1540s and derives from the Latin noun archetypum, latinisation of the Greek noun ἀρχέτυπον (archetupon), whose adjective form is ἀρχέτυπος (archétupos), which means “first-molded”, which is a compound of ἀρχή archḗ, “beginning, origin”, and τύπος tupos, which can mean, amongst other things, “pattern,” “model,” or “type.” Why is it that some people simply “do” their lives as […]

KneeJerk A-Merka

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We live in a province called “Jerking Knee Merka.” It is a large and beautiful place, filled with many kind and lovely skin people, fur people, feather and scale people. Oh, and don’t forget the chlorophyll people. Sadly, there are many here at war with skins of other textures and colors. They want to wear […]

Spock Says it All in Star Trek Episode 17

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Great minds do think alike. While in the middle of creating this meme, I did some research and found the above memes from this brilliant guy who finished his first and offered to share. Far be it for me to make a new wheel. Here’s his address… http://gugeo.blogspot.com/2017/02/mr-spock-fails-to-understand-trump.html As usual Spock said it all 50 […]

My Narcissists

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Are Psychopaths, Narcissists and Selfish Assholes born or made? I vote for made. Even though my Astroarchetypal perspective allows for pure destiny, I still cannot imagine a darling baby growing up to be a horror show without encouragement from family and friends. Planets in Signs These energies determine DNA – your hair color, your height, your […]

What the Hell is Going On in Your Life?

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In Modernia we insist on believing that each person excels or fails on her own, by choice, without influence from nature-genetics or nurture-environment. That is an unfriendly belief. Unfriendly to us, to our environments and our future, if we even have one remaining. This stoic ‘one person’ against the world syndrome is damaging in many ways, but the most traumatic way being isolation; disconnection.